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The Philadelphia Recycling Company is a full-service turnkey recycling company that does more for you. From the largest industrial dismantlement project to picking-up household goods, we assess your needs and provide all equipment and labor necessary. Available on your schedule, even same day, we will handle jobs and materials no one else will. We recycle and reuse nearly every material and are 100% landfill-free. Waste management optimization plans and proper destruction and recycling documentation can also be provided. 


Our company was created through a family history of working in demolition, hauling and recycling. Our goal of offering something better in commericial recycling options pushed us to figure out how better handle more and more materials. We have achieved a zero-landfill practice! We are determined to continue innovating waste solutions and provide an all-encompassing superior service for all businesses.  

Our Environmental Policy

"We try to do the right thing, no matter what, and rarely turn anything down."- Billy, owner


We send absolutely nothing to the landfill. It's recycled, repurposed, reused, or in the event that an item isn't recyclable (like a pressed wood-glue product that someone won’t take) we exhaust all other outlets: cabinet makers, wood-workers, shops, craigslist, goodwill, salvation army, artists. If that still doesn’t work, we use it for fuel at a trash-to-steam partner like Covanta.


Why should I bother recycing?

Salvaging materials uses less energy than recycling and reduces the consumption of new materials. The world's growing population has increased the demand for materials. Recycling keeps our resources in use for as long as possible. This reduces the amount of virgin materials that need to be mined, harvested and processed, that significantly decreases energy use and pollution.


Decomposition of materials in landfills produces toxic gases and leachate that is released into the environment. The EPA states that landfills are the second largest producer of methane emissions in the United States.


We think recycling is a better idea!

Giving Back to Community

Recycling is estimated to create 10x more jobs than landfill disposal. The labor needed to sort and process materials creates local jobs in the local green economy. Many of the materials we collect are sent to local processors and manufacturers. Keeping reusable materials in the region strengthens the local economy and reduces transportation costs and emissions.


We love to see materials get a second chance before they are recycled. We recover materials like furniture and lumber and donate them to community groups. Local artists can also reuse many collected materials. We love to work together with communities to help reduce our carbon footprint. When a community agrees to recycle more waste than it sends to a landfill, they invest in their community’s future.


Whether you are a business, industry or homeowner, we can work with you to determine the social, environmental and economic impact of your current practices. We can make recommendations for cost-effective ways to improve your recycling opportunities. We then implement the plan that will help your community be environmentally sustainable and create social and economic value.


Billy Cooper

Owner, COO

Billy worked every summer as a laborer for a Philly demolition company. He graduated from Towson University and then led the family dream of creating the Philadelphia Recycling Co. As the owner and COO, he still gets his hands dirty every day and finds ways to innovate recycling and exceed customer expectations.

Lindsay Fleisher


Lindsay is our accountant and office manager. With a background in finance, marketing and advertising, she can help you with inquiries, billing and payments. We rely on her for everything, including keeping our sights set on our goals.

Our Team

John, Dokwan, Wayne, Jason, Andre, Mike R, Joan, David, Mike M, Rob, Steve, Al, Dennis, Chalie, and the rest of the team

Thank you for working together to make everyday a great day!

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About Us

Full Service Removal and Recycling.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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