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We Prepare it and Take It Away.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


No matter what kind of space you have or how much you need removed, we can handle the job.  We come to your location and demolish, dismantle, pick-up and haul everything. Our 100% landfill-free policy ensures that all materials are recycled, reused, sold or destroyed according to compliant guidelines.

Bulk Haul-out Jobs

Demolition, Dismantling, Clean-out, Removal

  • Structure dismantlement and removal

  • Clean-outs for: major renovations, moving or leaving commercial location, building sites, disasters

  • Major equipment and materials removal

  • Ready space for equipment update or new tenant

  • Large capacity routine waste removal such as paper, plastic, and glass

  • Buy and sell Surplus Property & Materials

  • Assess and arrange all equipment and labor needed

  • Schedule time-sensitive jobs. Even same-day!

  • Provide Environmental Documentation

Small Jobs

Office or Residential Curbside Pickup or Full Removal

  • Small capacity clean-outs, renovations, sell-offs

  • Jobs others won't accept or don't want to be bothered with

  • Time sensitive situations that need to be handled ASAP

  • Regulatiory materials you want to ensure are handled properly

  • Weekly or monthly pick-ups for routine waste removal like paper, plastic, and glass

Industrial Environments

Factory Destruction, Equipment & Material Removal & Sell-off, Clean-outs, Hauling

  • Dismantle, demolish and remove structures

  • Offer rigging to remove heavy equipment

  • Buy and sell working equipment

  • Spot and pick-up trailers for industrial waste, manufacturing bi-products, baled paper, plastic, pallets, rubber, glass, textiles, outdated equipment, and other bulk waste.

  • Remove regualtory materials

  • Clean-out and prepare space

Office Environments

Office & Institution Clean-outs, Renovations, Facilities Preparation

  • Office clean-outs

  • White box demolition fit-outs

  • Prepare facilities for new tenants 

  • Removal and destruction of regulatory items

  • Recycle, resell or reuse functioning items of all types

  • Weekly or monthly contracts for routine waste removal

Residential Environments

Clean-outs & Disaster Relief for Home Owners, Property Managers, Realtors, and More

  • Pick up a few small items and clean up what was left behind. 

  • Haul-out items from fire, flood, hoarding, foreclosure, yard debris, and more. Whatever your situation, we've seen it before and we're happy to help.

  • Save your time and energy by letting us handle the labor and proper disposal methods.

  • Ensure that all materials are recycled or destroyed with a zero-landfill policy.

A Turnkey Service

Our low-impact waste removal option fits seamlessly into your business structure. Let us handle the planning, equpment, labor, and reporting fro your job.



We Never Say No

We handle jobs that others refuse. Any material, any size, any schedule, we will handle it all and make your problems go away.  

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A Cost-Effective Solution

Make Your Accountant Happy

Preserve valuable man-hours on the job. Co-mingle all materials and we will haul and sort them at our site. Find out about possible LEED credits and tax rebates.


Reduce Your Hauling Costs

Avoid landfill tipping fees and contract with just one vendor to lower your costs. 


Make Money by Selling Materials

Generate revenue by reselling, recycling and reusing materials. We sell recovered commodities, allowing us to deliver savings. 



Get It Done Fast!

We are ready for any size job, any time...even same-day.

We can finish the job quickly and ensure that all of the materials are handled in compliance.


Your Time is Valuable:

  • No spending time finding out how, where and when to dispose of your waste materials. 

  • No waiting for municipal pick-ups.

  • No coordinating with multiple vendors. 

  • No searching for buyers. 

  • No need to do the work yourself. 



We Are Green & Sustainable

We can recycle more than most municipal services so don’t put it out at the curb or haut it to a landfill!


We are environmentally responsible and EPA compliant. We strive for 100% landfill-free disposal. Give back to your community by enabling green jobs and reusing valuable materials locally. 


Our Environmental Policy

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Labor Services

We offer full labor services for all size jobs. Let us discuss your needs and we will provide the manpower you need.


Our services include:

  • Demolition & Dismatling: We dismantle, break down and remove mezzanines, staircases, roofs, buildings, towers, racking, office partitions, and more.

  • Clean-outs: From a single room to full-site demolition and removal, we provide toters, hampers, baskets, balers, compactors, and other containers to capture waste.

  • Hauling: We utilize independent haulers to minimize wait times. We provide carts, dolleys, cranes, lifts, burning, cutting, and other equipment needed for removal. 

  • Preparation: We prepare facilities for new services and tenants 

  • Disposal: We recycle, reuse, sell, or donate every material possible with a zero landfill policy. Regulated materials are disposed of in EPA and DEP compliance.

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Surplus & Sell-off Services

Facotry Overruns, Electronics Upgrades, Renovations

  • Buy and sell large lots of finished and unfinished goods.

  • Pick-up, pack, load, and ship your items at any warehouse.

  • Auction your items for maximum ROI .

  • Move your materials immediately.

  • Sell, reuse, recycle, and pay you for your materials.

  • Remove 1 trailer to over 100 trailers of materials.

Additional Services

We also offer:

  • Mail-in service for medical waste.

  • Full project scope and plan development.

  • Container and cart rentals.

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LEED and Compliance

Increasingly complicated compliance guidelines have placed a burden on organizations to assure adherence with local, state, federal, EPA, and DEP regulations. We can provide appropriate documentation for your job to meet LEED requirements for recycling, earn LEED credits, and keep your job-site safe. You can depend on us for help achieving your environmental compliancy and green program goals.


Destruction Certificate

We can provide you with certification that paper materials have been shredded, segregated and submitted to a paper mill to become mashed liquified pulp for manufactoruing new paper goods. The document states that materials were destroyed and disposed of properly within the guidelines of the EPA and Pennsylvania DEP.

Don't see what you need on the list?
Not sure which service fits your situation best?

Email or call us today. We can make a plan that's right for you and get it done ASAP.

or call Local PA: 215-990-4350 | Local NJ:215-990-4350

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